Saturday, December 12, 2009

Snow Day

After living in Utah, I think it's kind of silly that Alabamians get so excited over a little dusting of snow. Even the slightest chance of snow causes adults to run to the grocery store in a giddy fury for surplus milk, bread, and batteries. I know. weird. I refuse to buy into the madness since the little flakes rarely make an appearance around here. So, it was an extra nice surprise to wake up to a beautiful blanket of soft white snow, and to my shame I ended up being the giddy adult, bouncing on Drew's bed, waking him up to go outside and play.

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Cari said...

Ha! Although I generally don't freak out about snow and run to the grocery store, when I looked in the fridge and saw all the empty space I thought maybe I should grab a few things. It was madness.

I sent dad out to play in the snow with Noah while Eden and I made a big breakfast. We still have snowballs in our freezer.