Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One Year and One Day

Maddi's first birthday was yesterday! What a blessing it has been to have her join our family.

At One Maddi:
LOVES to dance
says please, mama, dad, dog, go go go & baba regularly, and will try to repeat just about anything you say
hates wearing anything in her hair
walks around if she can hold on to something and has even taken a few steps on her own, but finds it more convenient to crawl
loves to sing, bang on the piano, look at books, and watch Little Einsteins
claps when she's happy and nods yes and no
still doesn't sleep with any pattern of normalcy
loves to cuddle

Happy birthday Moo Moo!!

We had tons of family & friends over to celebrate. I LOVE spending time with my brothers & sisters. So with ALL of our brothers home at one time, I was one happy girl :)

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