Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Little Einsteins

Little Einsteins is the ONLY cartoon that Maddi will watch. She dances & jumps & claps & sings. If you change the channel to another cartoon, she will crawl away. If you turn it on she will stop what she's doing and immediately start dancing. I'm so glad she loves music, and I am SO glad that I know have thirty minutes of free-time (laundry/dishes/blogging time) each day.

Sorry about turning the camera sideways. For some reason I thought it would turn the picture too. I'm a technical retard sometimes.



Beth said...

Cute! (and I've done the SAME thing with my camera. Oh well.)

Mary said...

That is adorable!

Charlotte said...

so cute! However, the way she crosses her little feet is still my favorite!

Lydia Stewart said...

Oh that it too funny- she is really into that! Intense! :) My kids love Little Einsteins. In fact, I pressed play and they all came running. :) I find myself singing the songs way to often, "Going home, Going home, Rocket's going home." (Do you think I'm too old to like them. :) They've named the car "rocket" and we act it out every time we go anywhere, with a "pat-clap" and "blast-off". :) Good times! What a cutie, I wish she was closer and we could watch them together.