Monday, April 6, 2009

Parks Movies and Indian Rice Feedings

This week has been quite the hodge podge of events.
On Thursday, the weather was absolutely beautiful, so I took the kids to the park. Maddi isn't exactly old enough to play at the park, but we sat there on the bench and watched Drew run around and play. It always amazes me that he is able to make friends with just about any kid (he definitely doesn't get that ability from his mommy).
This weekend, we took Maddi to her first movie. Well, honestly she had no idea where she was and slept through the whole thing, but we had fun. The boys picked the new Fast and Furious movie. My boys and their car obsession.... Need I say more?
This weekend I was asked to help with the catering for a private party. It paid cash and only lasted for a few hours, so I was all for it. When I got to the location (which happened to be a ghetto hotel and no I had not spoken directly with the client and YES I was afraid to go in to a strange, scummy looking hotel for a prearranged 'job') I discovered that it was a Ceremonial Rice Feeding Celebration. When babies from India eat their first solid food (rice), they throw a big party for all friends and family to come and celebrate with them. Odd thing is... the baby slept through all of the festivities and they didn't actually feed him the rice there; they did it earlier at home. hmmm.... Anyway, lets just say the evening was interesting. I was hired to help things run smoothly though, so I didn't let the little catastrophe of running out of dishes and silverware slow me down. When the non-English speaking kitchen man wouldn't let me into his kitchen, I simply washed the dishes with toilet paper and hand soap in the hotel lobby bathroom. Oh read that correctly. In fact, here is a picture of my friend and co-worker Alex doing that very deed. :)

And that was only the beginning of our night! We had a great time taking on the challenge of making this event run smoothly and I always love learning about other cultures, but be forewarned... if you ever get an invite to a rice feeding at a rather questionable location, you might want to stick a plate in your purse.... just in case.


Charlotte said...

You are too funny! Way to go with what you've got! Thanks so much for your sweet comments--we're at Vandy or I would've def had you come by! We go home today! Yay! I am equally impressed that you took your baby to the movies! I'm not that brave, I think.

Beth said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHA.... Did you have to pick off tiny shards of TP once they were dry??? EW! HILARIOUS! I love it.

Clarissa and Matt said...

Oh my goodness! That is stinkin hilarious, Amanda and really makes me wonder how clean the plates were that I've eaten off of at restaurants. Gross!

Sarah said...

Finally........ you found your long lost talent!!! Cleaning plates with toilet paper.....I always knew it!

Kim Mayfield said...

That is just too funny!