Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Fun Has Begun

I just love the first few weeks of Spring. It feels like we've been cooped up all winter and now we can finally go outside and play again! Here are a few pictures of what we've been doing....

Between jobs on Thursday, we met at the park.

My sister Gracie had a game on Saturday. She hit an amazing line drive down the third base line and a home run!
We went to the car show on Saturday night. They have a car show at an empty lot by our house once a month during the spring/summer. This picture has lame cars in it, but there were some really cool ones there. I'll take better pictures next time.

We got our tax return this week (YAY!!) After we payed off the necessary bills, we bought Guitar Hero World Tour Edition. This game is SO FUN. We have spent hours playing together. We have drums, a bass guitar, lead guitar, and a microphone. We have the best time laughing and playing and singing together... you'd think we were a real band :)

Here's Maddi's Easter dress. She's so precious!

We also went to a birthday party for one of Drew's classmates. Well, as you can see, our week has been a little busy, and I thought I had everything marked in my mental calendar. So, we got to the birthday party at 11AM. Got the kids out of the car, tried to unwrinkle the present that had been mushed and stomped on in the car, went inside, told Drew to go find his friends in the play area, and tossed the pretty pink present down on the table. As I'm making my way over to the other parents to mingle, Sean comes over to me and ever so discreetly says 'Hey babe. Are you sure Kayla's party was at 11, cause the cake on the table says Happy Birthday Gabe and all of the other present are wrapped in blue.' Dang it! What is my problem!?! I'm just glad Sean was there cause there's no telling how long I would have sat there before I realized I didn't know anyone. Seriously... I need to get it together!

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Beth said...

You have the funniest things happen to you... Hilarious again!