Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Little Miss Madison

Madison turned 3 months old earlier this week. Can you believe it?!? Three months already. Honestly, most of it has been a blur, and I constantly find myself wondering how time has passed so quickly while desperately trying to savor every second that I have with her. It's already hard for me to remember her as a newborn, so I thought I'd take a moment to freeze time and write down a few simple facts about Miss Madison. At three months she....

weighs 10 lbs and just grew out of her first newborn outfit
smiles, giggles, and coos
fusses, grunts, growls, and SCREAMS if she doesn't get her way
already has Daddy wrapped around her little finger
has long hair in the back but is rather skimpy on top which we lovingly refer to as her mullet :)
will only sleep propped up or in your arms
LOVES her big brother...she gets this HUGE gummy grin on her face as soon as she sees him and then chatters and coos and squeals at him as long as he sits there...they're quite the pair
loves bath time
hates changing clothes
will only take one particular kind of pacifier despite the six kinds we've tried
drinks Amoxicillin far more voraciously than she's ever drank milk...she loves that stuff... weird kid
must be rocked to sleep
loves nursery rhymes, story time with brother, and action songs
tries to eat blankets & slobbers like crazy
always sneezes in multiples
loves music and noisy places
loves being carried in the backpack and actually likes her car seat

Well there you go...that's our little girl. I know it doesn't seem like she does much but just weeks ago all she did was sleep and eat, so a smile is never taken for granted, and I can't wait to see what accomplishments the next three months hold.


Beth said...

Gosh time does fly! She's adorable!

The Florida Glouner's said...

Little Miss Madison is so sweet. We keep looking forward to seeing her in June.

Anonymous said...

Amanda she is just gorgeous!!!! Beautiful pictures!

Charlotte said...

She's so beautiful!!! I LOVE her big eyes! She's teeny too--our little chunky monkey just hit 16 1/2 pounds. Yep. No lie! Thanks for your comments! We're coming home soon!!!