Thursday, March 26, 2009


So sad news... a dear friend and long time neighbor of my parents, Granny Graves, died last week. Aww :( She lived a long, adventurous life, and was an amazing and kind woman. Many years ago, she asked my family to sing How Great Thou Art at her funeral (kind of weird, but I guess old people can make requests like that). Well, I found out about thirty minutes before the funeral started that her family also wanted us to sing Amazing Grace at the graveside. So we went into the little kitchen of the funeral home and threw together a little harmony and then ran into the meeting to sing. So the preacher does his thing, her granddaughter gives a beautiful eulogy, and then we get up to sing. The microphone is crazy loud and dry, so we decide not to use it and thus are forced to stand right in front of the OPEN casket. awkward. So dad whips out the pitch pipe, gives me the note, and I belt out (as loudly as I possibly can because there's no mic) "A-a-a-ma-zi-i-ing Gra-ace" Suddenly I realize that mom and dad haven't joined in, so I glare at them like 'what's going on? SING!' Uh-oh...they're both looking at me like a deer in head lights. Oh crap! I'm singing the wrong song! Wow, this is embarrassing! SO, I stop and look at the family (who are all snotty nosed and sobbing on the front row) and say ever so meekly "oops...wrong song," clear my throat, and start singing the correct song. Wow. How embarrassing! So Granny Graves... I'm sorry. You deserved better, and I'm a klutz, but we love you and will miss you.


Sandy said...

LOL!!! Amanda, I'm sorry but, that is hilarious!!! ha haa, I needed a good laugh, oh my gosh. Bless your heart.

Beth said...

Oh my goodness!!! I am turning dark shades of purple for you! At least you sang your heart out! You know what? I bet the family will enjoy the comic relief when they look back on it!

Clarissa and Matt said...

This is a sad yet absolutely funny story, Amanda. Sorry that happened. I'm sure Granny is laughing about it on the other side! :)