Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Swinging bridge

Next we crossed a huge floating bridge. The bridge remained connected to the shore on one side and when boats needed to cross, it would swing open so that it was parallel with the shore. It was pretty neat to watch. When we crossed to the other side, it was like we'd stepped into a different world. This side was a bustling city. Not a modern city though. They still had pay phones hanging everywhere with lines of people waiting to use them, rows and rows of dark dirty looking stores, just a few stores we recognized, alleyways with bars and convenience stores to buy drinks in, churches, art, food carts, and a grocery store which was just a long tarp with tables of produce. I really wanted to try some because it looked amazing but our ship warned us against eating or drinking anything off of the ship, so I decided I better not.  Most tourists didn't venture that far because it was a pretty long walk, so it was really cool to see the natives walking around, interacting, and doing their own thing. I felt lost and safe and overwhelmed all at the same time like I couldn't take it all in. It was so different than anywhere we'd ever been.

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