Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bus ride in Curaçao

It was finally time for our excursion, so we hustled back to the port and hopped on our bus. Our bus driver was very friendly, told us a lot about the island and the people, spoke every language of the island, and just happened to be a member of our church (our church is world-wide, so we have lesson guides that allow the same lesson to be taught each week no matter where you are in the world. This gives us a sense of consistency and community world-wide) he drove us over the huge bridge we had been curious about ever since we pulled up to port. It was just as steep and intimidating as it seemed from afar but he explained that it connected the other side of the island and was tall so that the oil cargo ships could pass through. On the other side were oil refineries as far as you could see. He said the oil is drilled in Venezuela and then brought to Curaçao to be refined. That was their main business besides tourism. Once we crossed over we saw some quaint little homes most of them were brightly colored. Others were abandoned or run down. He said that the walls are made of a sand mixture that containes sea salt and the salt eats the walls from the inside out so it takes lots of time and money to maintain a home there.

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