Tuesday, May 17, 2016


On the bus ride up to the beach, the driver told us all about the climate. They were considered a desert and only got a few inches of rain a year. Well, half way through our ride, we got their whole year's worth of rain in one huge down pour. The ATV didn't have a windshield so the rain was pelting us in the face, stinging the faster we went. Maddi started to cry, we were soaked from head to toe, and I started thinking this was going to be a disaster when I heard a little giggle. We all looked at each other and back at the rain and then all started laughing til our stomaches hurt. I grabbed the towels we brought for the beach to shield our faces from the rain. They just got soaked like everything else, but it took the sting away and we just laughed through it. Every time we'd stop the rain from the roof would fall through the open windows into our laps and we'd just laugh harder. It is one of the absolute best memories I'll ever have. We drove all the way to the other side of the island and when we got over there where there were 10 feet tall cactuses, we discovered it hasn't rained a drop, so dust was everywhere. We put bandanas over our faces so we could breath, but the dust stuck to our wet clothes caking our clothes and skin and hair in mud. When we finally made it back to the ship, the workers were giggling at us as they checked us back into the ship. We were so gross, we had room service launder the clothes we wore because there was absolutely nothing I could do with them

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