Tuesday, June 4, 2013

chattanooga by duck and by carriage

We've been to Chattanooga many times, but this time we decided to tour the city in a different way.  We hopped on a DUCK tour and roamed the streets in an amphibious military vehicle.  We cruised down the streets and then bolted down a boat ramp and splashed right into the Tennessee River.  From that vantage point, we got to see the stages they'd set up on barges for the annual riverbend festival, the spot where the trail of tears officially began, and the art museum and old homes that crown the bluffs overlooking the river.  The tour guide even let the kids take turns driving the boat before we returned to shore.  Once we made it back to dry land, we tried a new restaurant, walked the streets in search of ice cream, and then toured a little deeper into the city on a carriage ride.  Our horse was hilarious.  He kept checking himself out in the buildings' reflective windows, looking at and sniffing people as we passed them on the sidewalk, and took his own course zig zaging through the streets drawn toward whatever caught his attention at the moment.  I loved it.  We also got to see some of the first churches built in the city and learned that the streets had been raised to eliminate flooding and that the buildings we passed all had another floor (and some a basement too) underneath the streets we were touring.  A whole underground Chattanooga.  Who knew??

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