Thursday, November 22, 2012

Naples Zoo + a little positive reinforcement

We are in Naples for the holidays and loving every single second of it! We went to the Naples Zoo earlier this week followed by lunch at my favorite restaurant. Grandma & Grandpa really spoil me when I come to visit. :) This time at the zoo, we caught a little bit of the alligator feeding and they explained that they have trained the gaters to respond to their individual names by using only positive reinforcement. Amazing right?? I had no idea cold blooded animals could be trained that way. Our puppies don't even respond to their names half of the time, yet I watched these huge, prehistoric beasts line up and walk forward when their names were called. It was stunning. So the amazing gater show ended up being a nice reminder that the positive reinforcement strategy is the only way to go. It takes patience, dedication, and hard work, but it can mold the behavior of your pets, small children, reptiles, co-workers, and even grouchy hubbies.  Ignore the bad, reward the good; it's my new mantra.

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