Friday, January 21, 2011


I know it must seem like we don't miss you. We wake up every morning without you. We smile, we laugh, we breathe without you. But while standing at my sink this afternoon washing dishes, the smell of the soap pulled me back in time. I met you again, standing over the sink washing dishes. Bubbles dripped from your wrists as you handed me a towel. The comforting sound of Drew's voice humming to his matchbox cars echoed around us. The smell of the campsite wafted through the air as the RV gracefully rocked in the breeze. I know it must seem like we don't miss you. Our family grows without you; we experience life without you. We welcome each new day without you; we breathe without you. I know it seems like we don't miss you, but that's only because I meet you in stolen moments, in unexpected memories. Through grace, through eternal mercy, we continue to share life together.

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Anonymous said...

Beautifully written Amanda!