Saturday, January 1, 2011


I know most people shun the annual goal setting tradition, but I absolutely cherish it. Setting goals together has united us as a family and bonded us in accomplishment. Here are a few of my goal setting strategies:
1. Set attainable goals. This keeps it fun and allows you to experience the feeling of achievement together.
2. Have steps to accomplish each goal so you can mark your progress toward accomplishment.
3. Make your goals well-rounded but keep them narrow. We set one or two goals each year for each topic: Spirituality, Education, Employment, Fun, and Financial.
4. Make goals that can be quickly accomplished and a few you have to work toward. We set our yearly goals and also have a family bucket list. There is such solitude in knowing that you are working together toward the same purpose.
5. Post the goals for everyone to see. We keep ours on the fridge. Needless to say, we see it often. :)
So, go out and set some goals, form some new habits, and enjoy the experience together. Happy New Year!

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Benjamin Worthington said...

Ok so I just copied and pasted this on to my summer correlations. I love this concise list, and I will be sharing with all the guys in my office when I teach them about how to set and reach goals. I am so grateful to have such a bright and wonderfully intelligent sister.