Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a thought

WARNING: This epiphany occurred about 47 minutes in to my running routine this morning while under the influence of mass quantities of endorphins. Be prepared for optimism, clarity, and bio-chemically induced positivity...

I have been rather grumpy lately. I have just felt so overwhelmed, exhausted, and defeated.
Well, while running this morning, working from my phone, and glancing back at the nursery every few seconds to make sure my babies were ok, I realized how lucky I am. I work insane hours, but I am able to work while I'm doing the things I love. I'm not stuck in an office, missing my kids. I can send e-mails from my phone while working out at the gym; I can do my typing while my kids play at the park, and I can send faxes while making homemade pizza with the two best mini-chefs I know. I'm so glad that I have the opportunity to contribute financially to my family while still having the spontaneity and flexibility I crave.
Life is hectic and dirty and exhausting, but it's also beautiful, simple, and short. So, no more storm cloud over my head... I'm going to grumble a little less and grin a little more. Starting..... NOW :)

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