Saturday, September 25, 2010

Museum Day

I've had a pretty crummy week. I've been sick, and unfortunately, moms don't get sick days... there's ALWAYS work to be done, babies to be entertained, and dirty things to be cleaned.
I, however, was super surprised when my brother-in-law came and got the kids and kept them... FOR THE ENTIRE NIGHT!!! I got all of my work done without having to stop every two seconds to change a diaper or clean a spill. I watched some good 'ole trashy Kardashian TV without having to worry about who was listening through the walls, and I even had time left over to straighten my hair, pick up the house, do laundry, AND sleep... five whole hours of uninterrupted, no baby monitor static in the background, only the sound of my snoring hubby sleep. It was heaven.
I still didn't feel ready to step back into the usual routine, so the kids and I spent the day doing the unexpected. We danced in the rain, explored SciQuest, fought the crowds at Chuckie Cheese, and made cookies together. Such an amazing day.

Oh, and every thing we did today was FREE! We had left over tokens for Chuckie Cheese, and today was museum day, so all museums belonging to the Smithsonian group give out free passes. Free makes an amazing day even better. :)

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