Saturday, August 14, 2010

You Can Call Me Martha Stewart.

I made this with my very own hands... literally... my sewing machine broke half way through.

The story started like this...

Drew is starting cub scouts (YAY!), so we went to purchase the necessities at the local Boy Scouts of America store. I walked in and told the lady what I needed because I quickly became lost in a sea of khaki, badges, and pocket knives.
We finished gathering all of the items when the sales lady looked judgingly at me and said, "All we have left to pick out are the badges. You can't sew can you sweetie?"
What?!? I bit my tongue, smiled, and said, "Of course I can." She ever so quickly rebutted, "well sure you do dear, but we have the iron on ones if you need them." What?!? Do I just not look like the nurturing, motherly, sewing type? "I'll take the sewer-oner ones" I hastily replied like a crafty genius.
Well, that night, I sewed alright. I sewed those badges on THREE times and they were crooked every single time. So, I gave up on the badges and cracked out the pretty fabric.
Now, as the situation clearly unfolds, you can see that when the sewing machine broke ten minutes into my project there was no turning back. A dress HAD to be made. And now, sadly, the badges will have to be ironed on. Now if I can just remember how to iron..... just kidding ;)

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Candace said...

The dress is adorable, and YOU are hilarious! I would've been the same way too!