Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Friendship Blossoms

Maddi has had two admirers since we started going to storytime last year. These sweet little girls hugged her and squeezed her and followed her around every week for a year, and now Maddi is FINALLY reciprocating their affection! Consequently, I have made an amazing new friend (mommy of sweet little snugly ladies). Everyone knows I can be kind of a recluse, and rather reserved in most situations, but this friendship has been so easy and natural... like it was meant to be. We now meet and play at least once a week, and I always come away feeling refreshed by Stephanie's sweet smile and grounded personality. In my never-ending attempt to become a better photographer, I snapped a few shots of Steph's newest addition. Isn't she beautiful and perfect and tiny?!? It seems like Maddi was this small just yesterday. Why do babies grow so quickly?? I need them to be tiny forever.

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