Friday, July 16, 2010


We've found a new hang out. It's an indoor playground, and it's absolutely perfect for these hot, muggy summer months.

My list of loves:

Love their hours 9-5, so it's perfect for an afternoon between jobs or when the kids want to play but I'm afraid they'll die of heat stroke outside.

They have cold drinks and snacks you can buy or you can bring your own lunch and eat at their picnic tables, mini kids tables, and even use their neat little highchairs.

It is super clean! They sanitize all of the toys and equipment every two hours, and the floors, tables, chairs, bathrooms, and even highchairs were clean and didn't have that grimy, I've-been-touched-by-a-million-sticky-toddler-fingers feel.

The have someone monitoring the kids at all times to help keep them safe.

They have computers with Internet for mommys to use, and activities planned (princess tea parties, crafts, mommy manicures, etc.) on special days.

They have a gated area for tiny tots.

They have monthly passes or you can just pay as you go.

It's nice and cool, and they have comfy rockers and benches scattered around for moms to relax while they kid watch.

My Dislike list:

It has a funky antibacterial + rubber smell

The person monitoring the kids is a little over bearing.

And here is the little lady after her long day of fun :)

Here's a link if you're interested:

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