Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eight Months

Miss Madison is eight months old, and life if perfect. I feel SO blessed. This year has had its crazy ups and downs, but through our trials I've gained a greater understanding of God's love for us and a greater appreciation for the ones that I love.

Maddi at 8 months:

She sits on her own and wiggles, squirms, and scoots to get where she wants to go

Says Mama, Dada, Drew, Boo Boo, and hungry regularly

Screams her head off if she's left alone

still doesn't sleep through the night

Has one tooth

LOVES whatever Mommy eats, especially fresh fruits

Is rather attached to mommy

wants to be held all of the time

Is coy, and buries her face in mommy's shoulder when strangers say hi

loves sitting in the laundry basket while mommy does laundry

Stares at strangers, and only shares her smiles & giggles with those she trusts

loves to make random noises & giggles when you mimic her

has happy hands... she wiggles them like crazy when she's excited

has GORGEOUS blue eyes

loves to sit and watch brother play with cars

loves music & being outside

pulls up on people to stand. If we didn't hold her all of the time, she'd probably be a little more mobile :)

I absolutely love this age! She's able to interact with us and express herself, and I cherish every moment that I get to learn and grow with her.

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