Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Love

In honor of Sean's 26th birthday, I offer 26 reasons why I love him.
Sean, I love you because...
1. you are loyal and completely devoted to the people that you love
2. you work so hard to provide for our family
3. you find humor in EVERYTHING
4. you don't bicker or hold grudges
5. you're so easy to talk to
6. you're trustworthy
7. you are such an incredible father
8. you can always make me laugh
9. you can eat ketchup with your breakfast.. you have no boundaries when it comes to food
10. you're brutally honest
11. you're an amazing friend
12.you never get embarrassed... even by my goofy, awkward mishaps
13. you are sociable and can even start random conversations with complete strangers
14. you aren't judgemental
15. you can cook spaghetti and grill anything
16. you love ALL music and can belt out the lyrics to any oldies song you hear
17. you care for your family more than yourself
18. you let me think I'm in charge
19. you can fix anything
20. you're always up for an adventure
21. you can play any sport
22. you're always willing to help a friend... or a stranger
23. you can put anything together without reading the instructions
24.you like a good challenge
25. you kiss me everyday
26. you make me a better person

I love you babe, and I look forward to celebrating a million more birthdays with you :)

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