Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bike Rides and Blow Outs

We went on a bike ride Saturday afternoon. It just finished raining, so there was that amazing, fresh, damp smell in the air, and we rode the greenway trail from Mountain Gap to Ditto Landing (about 3.5 miles each way.) We saw tons of dragonflies, some cows, a few puppies, a worm, some fat squirrels, and a butterfly, and we managed to make the trip with only one wipe out. We rode all the way to Ditto where we stopped to play on the playground and change Maddi. Drew had a great time racing me and doing tricks on his bike, and Maddi absolutely loves being outside, so she was perfectly content riding behind daddy. About a mile and a half into our journey back, Sean's back tire blew out, so Sean hopped on to my pretty purple bike and headed back to the car while I pushed his busted up bike and the pull along cart to the nearest road to meet him. It wasn't exactly how we had planned on ending the day, but we still had a great time together, and I honestly wasn't devastated to miss out on peddling the last two miles. :)

Drew waiting with me for Daddy to bring the car. Luckily we packed the umbrella, so we had some shade.

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