Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sugar Cookies & Christmas Trees

I must confess... I was a bit naughty and got out of bed, but in my defense I'm 38 weeks now, so it wouldn't be so bad if Miss Madison came just two weeks early... right? Sean was at work and Drew has been so patient with me. He's done an amazing job working the microwave at meal time and helping keep the house clean; I just had to get up and do something fun with him, so we put up some Christmas decorations and made some delicious sugar cookies together. Drew really enjoys cooking...especially baking with all of the measuring and pouring and mixing, so we have fun trying new recipes together. We found this recipe online, and it was yummy (even though we ran out of butter and had to get a little creative).
Other than our Christmas decorating, we haven't done much. Drew is doing really well in school and got all A's on his report card. We have played tons of board games together and watched a million episodes of Scooby-Doo. Sean put up the Christmas lights (they look amazing), and I used my free time to catch up on my thank you card writing. I also set up an e-mail account for Drew. I thought maybe he was too young at first, but I was able to set it up through google mail. They have awesome parental controls on the account, so I can monitor who sends him e-mails. He has really enjoyed writing his family members, and his writing skills improve with every letter. I remember when I was young, I had several pen pals that I wrote to. I remember how much my writing and reading improved while writing to them, and I guess it's the same concept...just a modern approach to the idea.
I have missed celebrating the holiday season though...I missed my work Christmas party and the ward Christmas party and wondering the mall in search of Christmas gifts (thank goodness for online shopping), but it will all be worth it when our healthy little girl arrives.


Clarissa and Matt said...

Ah. I'm glad you got up to make cookies! You are so far along now and you have to do something fun for the holidays! Sorry you've been stuck in bed!

Cari said...

I have to admit to waiting in anticipation during the announcements in sacrament meeting on Sunday to see if you had had her yet.

Jared and Debbie found out today that they are having another girl. How many does that make in a row now? Becki, you, me, Mandi, I missing anyone? Girls galore!!

Dawn, said...

If you're gonna 'bend' the rules, cookies are WELL worth it, grin. I didn't see you in the Stake Choir and later found out you were doing bed rest. I had to do that with our third baby, I am so glad to hear you are at 38 weeks, will be waiting to hear the great news of Madison's arrival!