Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Day at sea

Our first day at sea, we did some trivia games, swam in the pool where the kids made some friends, enjoyed lots and lots of food, went to a murder mystery show, a comedy show, did waterslides, mini golf, and the boys did a ropes course. The friends that the kids made at the pool asked them to meet them later at the kids club (the kids tried he club on the first cruise and didn't like it very much so I hadn't planned on them going at all this time) To our suprise they went and LOVED it. They had lots of time with their new friends, had dances and parties and games and activities. They decorated tshirts, had dance contests, did scavenger hunts, and tons of other fun things. Maddi made friends from Spain and the Northern US and Drew made friends with a bunch of people from all over the US and a girl from Iceland. It was awesome to see them have fun in a new environment with new diverse people, and the alone time with Sean was really nice and unexpected.

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