Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cruise 2016

We went on another cruise!! This time we left from Cape Canaveral, FL and went to the Netherland Antillies. We really liked this port. It was much more organized than New Orleans. We stayed in the city of Cocoa Beach the night before. It took us much longer to get there than we anticipated, so we only got a few hours of sleep, but we were so excited to begin our journey that we didn't mind too much. Our ship had a viral outbreak while out the week before, so they had to bring the CDC in for a thorough cleaning. This made us leave severs hours late, but since we'd already checked out of our hotel, we didn't have any place to go, so we played some card games and tried to make the best out of a frustrating situation. Once we finally made it onto Carnival Sunshine we explored the ship and found our room. We went for the bigger room this year and it was soooo worth it. We didn't leave til after sunset and we were all really tired from not getting much sleep the night before, so we had dinner and then made our way back to the room for some much needed sleep.

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