Monday, March 16, 2015


Maddi has dreamed of swimming with dolphins.  She talks about it, literally dreams about it, and has really focused on learning as much as she can about dolphins.  We read about them, watch movies about them, and learn about them in school.  When we booked the cruise, we decided to make her little dreams come true and plan an excursion where we could swim with the dolphins.  We chose Anthony's Key Resort in Sandy Bay Beach, Hondoras because it is an educational facility where they take care of dolphins but have an open door policy.  The dolphins can enter and leave the bay unrestricted, but chose to stay because of the relationships they form with their trainers.  We walked out into the water together and listened to the trainers teach us about the dolphins as they swam around and let us touch them.  They are beautiful, graceful, powerful, mammals with individual personalities and kindness in their eyes.  The experience of being so close to them in their element, was amazing.

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