Sunday, March 15, 2015

a little more Honduras

After a little shopping at Mogohany Beach, we hopped on a bus and drove through the cities of Coxen Hole and Sandy Bay.  I kept noticing how simply they live life and how content they seem to be.  There was one chain fast food place and one large supermarket in the city, but outside of the city, there were people farming their own produce, small shack like restaurants with picnic tables outside, and auto shops that were just shacks with basic car jacks out front, gas stations with a huge above ground tank to pump from, clothes hanging to dry in front of buildings I couldn't believe people lived in, and random tables or tents on street corners selling groceries and clothes.  It put into focus how blessed we are in the United States, but also made me question what's really important in my life.  TVs and ipads and cell phones had no place in this society, and these people didn't seem to notice there was a world of technology that they were missing out on.  They were walking along the streets talking to one another instead of staring at their phones.  I think we are blessed and a little cursed at the same time by the affluence of our American culture.

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