Monday, November 29, 2010

A nephew

Our little nephew, Timothy John Glouner, was born November 22, 2010.
He had a rough time adjusting to this complicated world, and had to spend some time in the NICU. My heart physically hurt to see that innocent little baby with tubes and IVs draped accross his body, but I felt so humbled to be able to meet him and hold him and love him.
These pictures are kind of pitiful, but I have wonderful pictures of healthy baby at home to post next!

Drew and Maddi meeting their cousin for the first time. The kids spend hours in the waiting room, but weren't allowed to actually go into the NICU. Luckily, TJ had a room with a view, so the kids went outside and got their first sneak peak of their new friend.


AngieK said...

Love the little picture of his hand in the big hand. I love hands!! I'm glad that he's home and happy and healthy!

Cari said...

Sigh of relief for your family. I remember when my nephew was in the NICU. He just looked so pitiful. But, compared to a lot of the other poor babies in there, he was much better off so we had to count our blessings. So glad the lil man is doing better. How has Maddi reacted to him?