Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bare Bottoms

1. We're officially potty training. Maddi's ready; she's been ready. The only thing standing in her way was... well... me. So, I'm sucking it up and getting the job done. No accidents so far.... as long as she has no pants on. This is going to make dressing up for Halloween and, well going anywhere, a little complicated.
2. Sean got a new job. I feel like years of prayers have been answered. We needed this. Desperately. I will never take our income, our home, our car, or God's mercy and compassion for granted.
3. I LOVE autumn time. I desperately need every single leaf on every single tree to turn colors. I need hikes, bike rides, sweaters, and hot chocolate.
4. I have felt overcome with humility this week. I love my babies, my friends, my job, my family, my home. My life is perfect for me. I enjoy every giggle, smile, challenge, and adventure. Despite the long work hours, snuffly-nosed kids, and other daily tasks, I now have this simple, powerful peace inside. I found myself rushing through each day, checking things off of my list, and struggling to survive until bedtime. So I made a change. I am now involved in every moment. I find joy in the mundane experiences and search for wisdom in each trial. I finally feel like I own my life, my choices, and my destiny.
5. Maddi now says "oh, crap" and "dang it!" I guess it's time I start watching what I say. Well, now that I think about it, the time has already passed. Strike one for mommy.
6. I'm posting Halloween pics of my Darth Vader and Tinker Bell tomorrow. Be prepared for some serious cuteness.

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