Saturday, May 29, 2010

Second Grade Graduation

Drew graduated from second grade this week. He was recognized for making the A-B Honor Roll, and was also chosen to receive the citizenship award. We are so proud of Drew. He worked so hard to maintain his good grades and to be a positive influence in his school, and we were thrilled that his efforts were recognized.

We ended the year with a fun little breakfast in his classroom. Maddi loved the banana nut muffin and was fascinated with Drew's shiny award.

Ms. Stripling is a wonderful teacher, and I'm so glad that Drew got to experience second grade with her. She was my second grade teacher too, so I made her this cute little magnet to remember both of us by.

I'm so glad school is finally over, and I am thrilled to start a new chapter in our education together as a family. I am really looking forward to sharing my knowledge with Drew and watching him blossom as he learns more about the beautiful world around us, but I plan to thoroughly enjoy our hot, humid summer before we jump into any kind of learning routine.

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