Sunday, January 3, 2010

Big Dog = HUGE Mess

I tried to sleep in yesterday (mistake number 1). I didn't feel well, so, like any good mom, I tried to catch an extra thirty minutes of sleep while the kids watched cartoons. When I got up to check on the kids, I was greeted by a crime scene. It literally looked like someone had been murdered in my home. There was blood splattered EVERYWHERE. I ran to the babies... they were okay... hmmm.... then I heard a thump, thump, thump, and spun around to see the culprit vigorously wagging his tail and batting his big brown eyes.
Let me pause here to tell you:
I dread winter. When it gets below 60 degrees our dog (a 100 pound, Great Dane, beast of a dog) starts chattering his teeth, attempting to pull at my heart strings and gain entrance into the home. It's not that I particularly dislike our dog, it's just that I ALWAYS end up cleaning his massive messes.... oh, and he's so huge that he can man handle me with one paw.
Okay... back to the gore. I sat in astonishment for a few seconds, staring at the massacre and tried to decide where to start. I finally decided to stop the gushing blood before I attempted to clean anything up.
After searching his entire body, the result: he was so excited to be inside that he had wagged his tail nonstop for the past 12 hours. His 3 foot long, wiry tail beat against everything in sight until it had become raw and started to bleed. He continued to wag his tail slinging blood everywhere. Gross.
The conclusion: many hours of cleaning, and a dog that Drew says now looks like a rattle snake.


Ranee J Fratangelo said...

sorry 0.
for your mess but a funny post none the less

Beth said...

I would have killed the already bleeding dog, LOL! Horrible!

Cari said...

I don't know who to feel sorrier for, you for having to clean up the carnage, or the poor bleeding excited dog. This would only happen to you Amanda.

The Florida Glouner's said...

It is cold here in Florida so no use sending us your dog. How about using your garage? ? ?

C said...

Hahaha, you must have freaked out when you first saw blood! That is very very funny I must admit! So sorry!