Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Costume Time

This week is going to be a little crazy, so I thought I would go ahead and take a few costume pictures while it was sunny outside and I had the time.
Drew gets to wear his costume THREE times... to church tonight, to school on Friday, and around the neighborhood on Saturday! He's going to get WAAAAY too much candy and I dread the "mommy can I have just ooooooone more piece?" chorus that will shortly ensue, but he absolutely LOVES his costume and is excited to wear it so many times.
Maddi is going to be a bunny for her first Halloween. (Thank you G&G Glouner for the amazing costumes!!) She is so cute crawling around with her little ears flopping as she scoots and her little fuzzy cotton ball tail wiggling back and forth.
All I can do is look at my little bunny and my darth vader and thank God that I am right here in this very moment to see their smiles, to hear their giggles, and to share their chocolate :)


Cari said...

Cool costume, Drew! and that is the most adorable bunny I have ever seen!

Becki said...

Love Darth! Logan was Obi Wan, we should have gotten them together for a huge battle!

Lee Family said...

Love the costumes! Hope you guys have a great Halloween.

Candace said...

They are too cute - especially that little bunny!

By the way - you've been awarded. Check out my blog for details.