Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rejection of the Toothfairy

Drew lost his first tooth today! The poor thing has been dangling in his mouth for the past few weeks. He couldn't even eat because it was bothering him so much, but he just wouldn't pull it out. Well today, I finally yanked it out for him :)
After we rinsed out his mouth & I answered the million and one questions he had about teeth (Why do they bleed? Why are they so much longer than they look in your mouth? Why do they have to come out? Will there be a hole there forever? Can he eat with a missing tooth? etc.) We went to his room with his tooth in a plastic bag, fussed over a few pictures, and then I proceeded to put the tooth under his pillow. He told me that I didn't need to that because he didn't believe in the toothfairy anyway, and then he asked me if I couldn't just get him a toy instead of some money since he already knew the toothfairy secret! He is so weird sometimes, but I guess he deserves a little something for letting me yank the thing out.


Beth said...

Aww, I can't believe he already knows about the tooth fairy. How sad!

Cari said...

Ha! He showed me that tooth a few weeks back and it was hanging on for dear life back then.

Gotta love a kid that knows what he wants and cuts to the chase.