Friday, August 15, 2008

Back to School Blues

I can't believe that summer is already over!! When summer started, I had glorious plans of teaching Drew piano, working on his reading everyday, and teaching him to tie his shoes. I had plans of vacations, weekend get-aways, and even reading ahead in my Chem book to prepare for Organic Chem next semester. Well, summer is gone, the books are unread, the journeys untraveled, Drew's still wearing velcro shoes, and I'm having another baby. So this summer has been eventful, just not in the ways that I had planned (as if life ever goes as planned).

Drew started first grade, and he actually likes school this year! He has a really nice teacher names Ms. Jacobs. It is her first year teaching, but she seems really enthusiastic. Drew has a few friends in his class from last year which has made the transition a lot easier. He loves P.E., art, music, computer, and library. I just hope that he gains a greater love for learning this year and a greater confidence in his abilities...if only he could see himself through my eyes...

Sean has been working a lot. I'm so grateful for a hubby that works so hard to take care of us, but it's been kind of weird not seeing each other as much. With Drew in school and me working and getting ready to start classes again on Monday, we've had to plan family togetherness at rather awkward times, so we've had lots of lunch dates, visits at work, and meetings in parking lots. I know...kinda weird, but I think it's worth it.

The pictures I posted are of Drew and my sisters at the water park downtown and Drew at work with us. He had Uncle Kevin's brand new puppy named Bama with him, and he dragged the poor thing around like a baby doll all day. He's such a trooper and really doesn't mind hanging out at work with us. He's so well behaved that he's always been able to go to work with us, but I'm not so sure how that will work with two kids.... Honestly, I just wouldn't work outside of the home if I had to choose between work and my babies, but juggling family and career will always be a struggle for me. It's amazing to me that as busy as we are, no matter where we are or what we're doing, it's always fun when we're together.

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