Tuesday, March 1, 2016


We stopped at the temple on our way to birmingham. Sean was working down there for the week, and we missed him, so we went to stay with him the night before our big Moundville field trip. We found some benches in a flower garden on the East side of the temple and just sat there and took a moment to be still. It is easy to get busy running from one activity to the next or numbing our minds with things to do, so I think it has become even more important to teach my children how to be content.... How to just sit and reflect on the many amazing things we've been blessed with and to let gratitude wash over them. Quiet moments like this have helped me hold on to peace in a chaotic world; they've helped me to truly know myself, and to find purpose. I love having fun with them, but I love helping them learn how to find lasting happiness even more.

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