Thursday, June 4, 2015

my babies

I've been cleaning out my memory cards on my camera and I found these old pictures.  They're obviously old because Maddi is only missing one tooth here and she's already lost both front teeth and her grown up teeth are already in.  It makes me a little sad because she looks so old now.  She's an amazing girl though and I'm glad she's growing, she's healthy, she's sassy and funny, and that she's always ready to have fun.  She loves swimming, loves babies animals and princesses, and always wants to pick out her own shoes. She keeps me busy and reminds me to be excited about the little things in life.

Drew is almost a teenager.  I just can't believe it.  He's strong, passionate, dedicated, and silly.  He is now taller than me, has to shop in the men's department for clothes, and wears bigger shoes than me.  He enjoys trying new food, loves being outside, loves animals hockey and video games, and says the funniest things when I'm least expecting it.  He makes weird noises all the time that drive me crazy, hates vegetables, loves his puppies movies and music, and I just love everything about him.

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