Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Marco Island and more

We had such a nice, relaxing trip to Naples this time.  I absolutely loved every moment I got to spend with Grandma and Grandpa and enjoyed being with the kids and hubs without distraction.  We had a nice drive down, went to the beautiful Marco Island, lunched in Goodland (a quaint little fishing village), relaxed on the beach, watched dolphins play, ate at our favorite restaurant, walked downtown and enjoyed the Christmas lights, went to Tin City, spent time with Sean's brother, relaxed on the beach some more, cooked with Grandma, listened to Grandpa share memories, went shopping with Grandma, went to the Botanical Gardens, built sandcastles, read a few books, played at the pier, and even managed to avoid a sunburn.  I've grown to love our tradition of Thanksgiving in Naples.  It allows us to refocus on each other, strengthens our friendship as a family, and has become an anchor for me.... a place to feel loved and safe and cared for.... a second home.

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