Friday, October 12, 2012

Family Pics

I've had some very bizarre health issues lately. It's been quite overwhelming and a little terrifying at times.  We spent a few days in the hospital, and I'm now resting at home with a whole host of doctors appointments to look forward to until we get some more definite answers.  In the midst of the chaos I have found myself lost in gratitude.  I have an amazing man that loves me and will stand beside me no matter where life's journey takes me.  He found help for me, stayed by my side for four days straight (yes he desperately needed a bath & some clean clothes, but even his smelliness brought me comfort), and he made me smile when my outlook was bleak.  I have two beautiful children.  My little family is bound by love and giggles, adventure and struggle, joy and loss, hope and experience.  I appreciate every moment I spend with them, and these family pictures were a perfect way to celebrate our friendship.

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Cari said...

Love them! Is it just me or does Drew look way too grown up?!