Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring has Sprung

The air conditioning is on; we've made an attempt at a yard sale (a whole drama in itself), and the sneezing and watering eyes are upon us. Spring has FINALLY sprung. We're cleaning out closets, moving furniture, and frolicking in the lovely weather.
In an effort to cleanse my mind, let me clarify a few of my horribly misunderstood postings. I DO NOT dwell in the past. I do, however, learn from my experiences, and use my knowledge from previous experiences to guide my actions. I also often write about past experiences because time allows both my heart to heal and my spirit to gain clarity. Often time the events that occur presently are too profound to share, and I hold them sacredly until the balming affects of time draw out purpose and strength. And finally, this blog is an honest and humble account of my personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences. A record of my life's journey in thought and action. nothing more. And with that, Spring has officially sprung. :)

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Anonymous said...

well said, my friend.