Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Goofy Gal

We will be out of town when Maddi turns 11 months, so I thought I would take the time now to write a few special things about our little princess.
At 10.5 months, Maddi...
has a contagious belly laugh
has two bottom teeth
has a giant gummy grin that will melt your heart
says mama, dad, go go go, dog, baba, and please
shakes her head yes and no
loves large crowds and being outside
dances and bobs her head every time she hears music
likes to watch Little Einsteins
has quite the since of humor
is obsessed with the keyboard on the computer
has to talk to Daddy on the phone every single time he calls
will cruise around the furniture, but then plops down and crawls to get around
enjoys feeding herself & has to sample everything we eat
loves activity songs especially patty cake
brings joy to our family each day


Lee Family said...

I love the picture. What a cutie!!!

jess and seth said...
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jess and seth said...

What a precious little princess! I love her cute squeezable arms! I wish I could give her a love.