Saturday, November 8, 2008

Trick or Treat

Well...I'm a little late with my Halloween post, but I guess that's just the way it goes sometimes. We had a fun Halloween. We went to the trunk or treat at church. We decorated our trunk and even won a prize for it! Sean did an awesome job with the black lights & fog machines, & Drew helped pick the "scary things" to put in it. It was fun to watch the little kids come around and gather candy, and I enjoyed having a safe, friendly place to spend the holiday. Drew didn't want to dress up this year. He had a lot of fun playing carnival games with the kids in the gym and then walking around and seeing all of the decorated trunks, but he decided he didn't want to "dress up and ask for candy when he couldn't even eat it." My poor, deprived child :( At least he had fun anyway. Hopefully I can talk him into being a little more festive for Madison's first Halloween.

Drew lost his third tooth this week! This is the first one that I didn't pull out for him. He was messing around and kinda knocked it out accidentally, but took full credit for the brave act of "pulling out his own tooth." Crazy kid.

Other than the usual work, work, and more work, nothing much has happened. We did take a few minutes in between jobs to meet at the park one day this week. The weather was beautiful, the fall leaves were gorgeous, and it was nice to just spend a few moments relaxing with my boys. I love Autumn with all of its changes & brilliant colors, and I hope we can find more time this week to enjoy it together.


Seth and Jessica King said...

So sorry about Sean's job! You guys have such a positive attitude--I always feel so uplifted after reading through your blog. And Drew--good luck with the tooth fairy! :)

Becki said...

I didn't know Drew couldn't have candy. I hope he had fun playing anyway. Logan loved having you sub his class! (I think I might have told you that already, but in case not)